• Drug development triumphs amidst a challenging 2020
  • Orphan drugs in England – is disease rarity valued by decision makers?
  • Mads Mikkelsen reminds us of the crucial role pharmacies play in the healthcare system and considers the adaptations they will have to make to thrive post-pandemic in a world that demands more from its high street
  • PharmaTimes talks to Dr Steve Cutler, chief executive officer at ICON plc, about the impact of the COVID pandemic and challenges of running large-scale vaccine trials
  • Jackie Williams, general manager, Astellas UK & Ireland, on her achievements, COVID-19, the challenges and opportunities for pharma and the need for progress in how we value innovation
  • Learning agility and curiosity: the way we future-proof our industry
  • Learning from the past to shape the future
  • Purpose proves itself: permission for pharma to explore better ways to partner with customers and regulators
  • 500,000 reasons why now is the time to level up IBD care and treatment across the country
  • Oli Hudson, content director at Wilmington Healthcare, takes a look at the new groups of providers that are expected to play a pivotal role in integrating care
  • Lakesha Butler, PharmD, will be the first one to tell you she was initially hesitant about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. As a trusted health care professional, she has found an effective approach: Telling others about her experience […]
  • In an office complex in Pickerington, OH, two independent pharmacies sit side by side: Pickerington Pharmacy in suite B; Freedom Pharmacy in suite C. But there's no competition between the two. Nate Hux, PharmD, owns both stores. […]
  • Drug class: First-in-class B-cell maturation antigen-directed genetically modified autologous T-cell immunotherapy.
  • What are three of the most powerful words that you can say to your patients? “Tell me more.” This short but effective phrase is one often used in motivational interviewing, a patient communication technique that helps patients […]
  • Even if individuals have had COVID-19, it's still recommended they get the COVID-19 vaccine. Research to date shows that the antibodies produced after someone gets COVID-19 are fewer than those the body produces after getting a vaccine.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction resulting from exposure to a foreign substance that acts as an allergen. The most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis are poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, as […]
  • Five years ago, the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha started a diabetes stewardship pharmacist program led by Jon Knezevich, PharmD. Since the beginning, the program has improved patients’ glycemic control and resulted in cost […]
  • From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians noticed a clear trend of thromboembolisms in patients with COVID-19 infection. This has often been precipitated by a prothrombotic state in patients with more severe disease.
  • The complexities of tapered dosing can lead to pharmacy liability if the directions given to patients are unclear or incomplete. Exposure to liability may increase when the error is not discovered at the time a prescription is […]
  • Broad-based excellence in campus and community investments with specific efforts to embolden and encourage young women from diverse backgrounds drew recognition from the Ferris Women’s Network. Recently, the group announced Ferris State University Center for Latin@ Studies Executive Director Kaylee Moreno Burke as the 2021 Helen Gillespie Ferris Distinguished Women Leader Award recipient.
  • Ferris State University launched its Spring 2021 virtual commencement ceremonies on Saturday morning, May 1, through videos uploaded to the Ferris State Video YouTube channel. Highlighting this spring’s pre-recorded ceremonies were words of celebration, encouragement and wisdom offered to Class of 2021 members, Ferris’ newest alumni.
  • Turning 21 years old was a line of demarcation in the past, previously entitling someone to cast a vote or, as is still the case, gain the legal ability to order an alcoholic beverage. Ferris State University graduate Tyler Dard, already in the age of electoral majority, will enter a more significant group on Saturday, […]
  • The educational path for Austin Moody, a cum laude graduate of Ferris State University’s Information Security and Intelligence program, took him on a journey across Lower Michigan. He landed in Big Rapids, ready to serve an essential operation of the federal government.
  • The return of a one-day philanthropic campaign for Ferris State University groups, athletic teams and other causes was an unqualified success, the event organizers said, as the 2021 One Day for Dawgs was presented to alumni, students and other supporters Wednesday, April 14.



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